Pro Training


Pro Training

Off Season Pro Player Development & Pre-Draft Skill Training

Highly detailed skill and athletic enhancement training, tailored to build on players' strengths, improve on their deficiencies, and prepare them for the conditions of the NBA so that they can flourish within their current role and team system. This training is designed to enhance players' overall skill set, awareness, basketball IQ, and more. Suggested for current professionals and prospective pro players.

90 Minute Sessions

  • Core activation and Dynamic warm-up
  • Advanced ball handling & foot work
  • Multi Sensory skill work
  • Progressive Game situational drills
  • Post workout recovery & regeneration

One on One Private training

Group Training

Team Training

Please email for Pro workout inquiries

*Athlete(s), Team or Agencies are responsible for acquisition of flight, hotel, and facility for training located out of Adam's home location.


Private Training

Private Training


Taylored Intensity Private, Small Group, & Team Training


Private Training (60 min, 1 on 1 private lessons)

1-hour session(s) of highly detailed, one on one basketball skill training with Adam Taylor or one of our Taylored Intensity coaches. These sessions will give you the individual attention you need as a player to see positive adults. Players will be closely evaluated and taken through progressive training techniques that will address and enhance their skill deficiencies on the path to shaping them into a more well-rounded player.

$80 per hour

4 session - $310

8 sessions - $600

12 sessions - $840

16 sessions - $1040

Semi-Private Training (2 min., 5 Players max)

1-hour session of highly detailed, group basketball skill training with Adam Taylor or one of our Taylored Intensity Coaches. Great for siblings or friends interested in training and developing together. Registrants should coordinate their own small group. If you are interested in small group but do not have any additional members to join you, we will try our best to place you with another player who is at a similar skill level. However, there could be a delay in start time until additional group member is located.

2 Players - $45 per player/hr

4 sessions - $170/player

8 sessions - $320/player

12 sessions - $420/player

3 Players - $40 per player/hr

4 sessions - $150/player

8 sessions - $280/player

12 sessions - $360/player

4 Players - $35 per player/hr

4 sessions - $130/player

8 sessions - $240/player

12 sessions - $300/player

5 Players - $30 per player/hr

4 sessions - $140/player

8 sessions - $200/player

12 sessions - $240/player

Payment, Cancellation, Refund Policy

Training Locations:

CSO Sports Multiplex - 1301 E. 47th St. Chicago, IL

*Limited Availability. 1st Come, 1st Serve*

Team Training for Youth, Middle School and High School Teams & AAU/Travel Teams

$225 per Session (90 min sessions)

3 Sessions - $640

5 sessions - $1020

8 sessions - $1550

*Teams may need to provide the training location and pay an additional travel reimbursement fee based on location and trainer's current availability*


Training Programs

Training Programs


Taylored Intensity - Weekly Group Skills Training

2019 Fall Skills Academy


Starting Sept. 9, Ending October 30

8 Weeks, Every Monday and Wednesday (Schedule Adjustment)

Grade School (Grades 3-8) - 6:00-7:15pm

High School (Grades 9-12) - 7:30-8:45pm



$115 - 5 sessions

$160 - 8 sessions

Training Program Subscriptions

Unlimited Training Subscription (2x week for 2 mos)

$150/ month

Light Training Subscription (1x week for 2 mos)


Location: Beye School, 230 N. Cuyler Ave. Oak Park, IL 60302



Skills Clinics/Camps

Skills Clinics/Camps

Taylored Intensity holds detailed and advanced basketball skills clinics to assist a wide range of players in enhancing their skill set and gaining the knowledge necessary to make lasting improvements on their game. We hold our clinics in numerous locations throughout the US by partnering with coaches, trainers, and youth groups. Our clinics often include appearances from NBA athletes to give our participants a rare and valuable experience. If you have any interest in partnering with Adam for a Taylored Intensity Clinic in your area feel free to contact him here.

Upcoming TAYLORED INTENSITY Camps/Clinics