Athletic Performance Assessment

An extensive musculoskeletal examination. This assessment will measure the symmetry of your athlete’s joints, muscles, and bones as well as their ease of movement through various joint insertions. This will serve as a great foundation for their athletic performance training so that their specific needs can be met. This assessment includes an individualized corrective stretching program.

Private Training

Private and Semi-Private athletic performance training sessions. This service is designed to enhance all of the physical attributes that are essential to improved athletic performance. An individualized program will be developed around the athlete’s specific needs to ultimately create a better functioning human-being. Prerequisite: 1st scheduled session will be the assessment. This is mandatory prior to beginning a private training program.

TI Performance Academy

Group training program that will address essential human movement components to ensure that your players’ body is functioning properly and efficiently. Players that commit to this program will experience improved on-court performance & durability through the enhancement of their flexibility, movement, strength, power, agility, and more.

Dates: TBD