Our basketball academy is exactly that, an academy. We take an educational approach to this particular program. There are specific subjects, skills and comprehensions that players need to grasp in order to advance to a higher level, just like in school.

That being said, we do not place players into certain training groups based solely on their age or grade. Though we DO take age, size, and grade into consideration, players’ placement will be strongly based on their individual skill level, ability, experience, work ethic, and comprehension.

We feel these are key elements to effectively measure a player’s current position and their developmental path forward. The progressive approach that we implement in our training is a proven philosophy that brings out actual RESULTS in our players. We know this from experience. We’ve developed youth players into high school players, high school players into college players, and college players into professionals. We’ve witnessed the full developmental process multiple times.

Each seasonal academy will start with a MANDATORY evaluation period for newcomers. Players will be taken through a detailed assessment that will measure both physical and intangible attributes. This assessment will determine your player’s group placement in our academy.

At the moment, our program will consist of 2 different training levels. Experienced, and Advanced. We are unable to accommodate any novice or beginner level players at this time. A detailed description of these 2 levels can be found below:

EXPERIENCED – Has medium to strong experience with both training and competition. Plays on a school team and/or competitive travel team. Has moderate to heavy exposure to traditional coaching and team concepts. Has not yet established a comfortable or fluid grasp of some basic fundamentals when it comes to footwork, dribbling, shooting, passing. Moderate to high comprehension of in-game situations.

ADVANCED – This player has had high exposure to traditional coaching, training, and high-level competition. Strong grasp of the majority of basic fundamentals. Can perform many movements with ease and fluidity. They are familiar with most in-game scenarios from experience and have fast recognition of these situations during competition. This player is most likely a rotational player on their school and AAU team and has competed at the national level with their spring/summer AAU team.

After the initial evaluation session is completed by a player, they will be assigned to a training group and given their practice schedule, as well as, a registration invite for the academy.

If you are a returning member of our academy we will provide you with registration details to your assigned group unless re-evaluation is required.

All new players need to be evaluated before they can register and participate in this academy. This is a matter of quality control so that we can ensure each player is in an atmosphere that is best suited for their development and progress.

A minimum commitment of 1 practice a week is highly encouraged for academy members. A maximum of 3 sessions a week is available.

Academy registration for programs with a duration of 2 months or more is subscription based. Registrants will pay a monthly rate to attend sessions once, twice, 3x a week. Once you subscribe, members are automatically charged a monthly fee for the duration of that current program. Any programs with a duration less than 8 weeks will only require a 1 time payment.

Families can sign up for our specialty clinics at a daily drop-in rate or include it in their monthly subscription.